Living Off The Land

I’m Mercedes, and I’m a 20 year old living on the island of Hawaii.  I was born and raised here and have always led a pretty wavy lifestyle.  My day consists of surfing, helping out in the local community, working in the surf shop and hanging out on the beach.  I’ve always loved just living off the land without much stuff.  I don’t have any baggage so I can move around as often and quickly as I want.


I’ve been into doing more research about the environment and our ocean.  There’s a possibility that I might go into depths about these topics on my blog here.  The ocean is a passion of mine.  All the living things in it, the people surrounding it, and how small it can make us all seem are all aspects that I look forward to each time I’m in the ocean.

Many people take it for granted, but I’ve learned not to.  It’s a wonderful thing but can definitely rough you up if you don’t learn to understand it.  I think the more people study and understand the sea, the more they’ll learn to appreciate it for its beauty.