More On The Ocean

Recently I was doing some research on rock pools and formation of rock ledges and sinkholes near the ocean. This is an incredible environment because of how it forms and lasts over thousands of years. What is so interesting about these formations is how when the surf is high the waves come in and flow through the formations. It can be incredibly beautiful on calm summer days and incredibly dangerous on large ocean swells.

You need to know when to swim in these places due to the risks inherent in them. Many local kids in Hawaii swim in big surf in these tide pools for fun- it is incredibly dangerous but for kids and adults who live by the ocean not a massively huge risk to take. There is inherently a different sort of experience for kids who swim in these areas compared to people who are not experienced with swimming in dangerous environments. Just recently I was researching how to explore some of the deeper parts of this inland lake pool system and I found out which are the best underwater drone available to public. I know that there are some unique organisms and cool creatures that live in tide pools in Hawaii. You will often find eels, different sorts of mollusks, interesting little fishes, and other forms of marine life that prefer a protected environment. Due to the lack of natural predators these fish are often friendly though should not be mistreated. One pool in particular is known for its importance to Hawaiian culture because this environment was used by royalty to bathe and as a point of relaxation and reflection.


It is critical to recognize places like this where water, land, and spirits come together in a place of harmony. The water is crystal clear around this area so many people choose to explore with snorkels and scuba gear. There was one winter where some locals need a search and rescue rov? Check out Luckily this was a false alarm because the missing kids were found just at a spot down the coast.

There are a lot of different ways to explore underwater caves and other aquatic wonders- and one of my favorite places to explore is where the water is clear. I don’t like it when I am diving or swimming in a body of water and I can not see the ocean or sea floor. It’s much more enjoyable when the water is clear and warm! Plus, when the water is murky you don’t know what sort of things might be lurking beneath!